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Amsterdam Background
Clink Hostels

Making Hostel Friendly

In 1997 a couple of sisters from Dublin purchased a courthouse and jail in London and opened a hostel that made a night in jail a rather splendid time. Today, CLINK Hostels has two London locations, three Amsterdam locations, and Dublin and Lisbon properties opening immediately.

When CLINK wanted to discover new guest markets, expand its digital presence, and create an entirely new website that would stand out, they chose Agency689 to lead the way.

  • Client
    CLink Hostels
  • Project
  • Deliverables
    Strategy, Web Redesign, UX, Site Build

STAND OUT as the place to BE

To appeal to the hostel traveler in a congested market, CLINK sought to elevate customer interaction, introduce a compelling and engaging look at the Clink lifestyle, and strive to maintain the artistically infused brand.

Clink Website

behind the CLINK

We reinvented the user journey to focus on the social side of Clink, something that was a core value at each property but not well reflected on the web. Our research team uncovered untapped potential in women and solo travelers and elevated ideas like the importance of breakfast and hostel experiences in the user journey.

The new Clink UX is focused on their current and aspired audience and engages them with the experiences they associate with exceptional hostel experiences to increase engagement and conversion.

Clink Room Scroller Example
London Bus

Under the HOOD

(that’s a bonnet on the Clink side of the pond)
We created the Clink website on WordPress with a YooTheme backend. This gives us complete design control and makes updates and site changes easy. The site is optimized for ADA compliance, connected to YOAST, and site data is tracked with GA4. We also installed media tools, cookie opt-out tools, site forms, AI-based chat, and of course, the booking engine with custom widgets. We created a site that we or our client can easily update without monthly fees outside hosting and plugins.


    Designed for content and art refreshes, Clink’s new digital presence brings the best of the brand to a digital audience. From long-time guests to emerging markets finding their way to hostel travel, Clink is poised to appeal to a wide variety of travelers worldwide who share the core values of social hostel travel. The new CLINK website is the hub for all digital and social marketing efforts and a branded portal to new adventures.