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LASM Master

For those about to rock, we put you on stage.

We have done strategy and branding for quite a few clubs, bars, and music venues. For Dennis Rodman’s Supper Club in Newport Beach, California, we created the “Sunday Nights at D’s” music event. We named and branded the “Long Beach Grand Prix – Thunder Thursday” music event. We named, branded, and managed strategy for the Crimson Lounge in Chicago, and the grand opening featured Kanye West and Samantha Ronson. We then proposed that our Rock and Roll hotel play some rock and roll.

Sunset Marquis hosts an impressive guest list, on a fantastic property, in the heart of West Hollywood. We worked with their marketing manager Chris Cope and a bevy of talented people to create the first year of LIVE@ Sunset Marquis over a decade ago. With a tiny budget and a whole lotta love… no wait, a whole lotta concerns about noise, logistics, and why we even needed this in the first place.

The Beginning

Live@SunsetMarquis first year headlined some great people, including a little-known guy named Gary Clark Jr., who would go on to win his first Grammys the very next year. Thanks to the efforts of guys like Evan Brau on sound and Mark Bernadoubt on video, we recorded and commemorated the whole thing. By season two, we were turning down sponsors for the show; we had John Varvatos, major liquor brands, and all manner of money thrown at the show, and it grew. Queen V, The Brevard, and a ton of other great names played sets to the Marquis faithful with names like Billy Bob, Steven Tyler, and more in attendance. The hotel began to sell out on show weekends, the restaurant took an extra two hours of seatings, and our little rock and roll gig took off.

Marquis Events

2020 was going to be our 10th-anniversary special. A celebration of the last 10 years and an amazing lineup for the Summer. As you can imagine the disappointment loomed large when we realized LASM and the rest of the world was canceled. But a funny thing happened. Many of our past performers had no stage and many of our guests were stuck at home, and we have an amazing social media manager who had built us a rather large social media presence for Sunset Marquis.

The hotel was kind enough to allow us live shows 3-5 nights a week for our artists to both perform at AND get paid for their time during some rough times for artists everywhere. We were proud of the LASM team every year, we were excited that it was a great thing for our client and that it drove revenue. However, last year as we watched artists play from their living rooms to audiences of hundreds even thousands of our guests… no, our friends, we saw more clearly than ever; a shared moment in music is, was, and always will be the true power of LASM.

Marquis Events