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We are a full-service strategy and branding agency focusing on your identity. We specialize in research-based naming of companies, products, and communities. We create the logo, colors, and messaging to launch or recreate your brand as a monument to your values, culture, and intention. We will listen, learn, and research our way to the perfect answer to the ultimate question… who are you?


behind the CLINK

We reinvented the user journey to focus on the social side of Clink, something that was a core value at each property but not well reflected on the web. Our research team uncovered untapped potential in women and solo travelers and elevated ideas like the importance of breakfast and hostel experiences in the user journey.

The new Clink UX is focused on their current and aspired audience and engages them with the experiences they associate with exceptional hostel experiences to increase engagement and conversion.

Clink Hostels
Hero Playa Website


John Sedlar’s West Hollywood Restaurant

Website build for the West Hollywood location of World Famous Chef and restauranteur John Sedlar’s Playa.

AMD Comic Book


Comic Book

Agency689 was asked to create a comic for Comic-Con San Diego to tell the story of AMD’s Scorpius chipset as a group of super-processing ninjas. Notice the “villain” in Intel Blue. We drew and painted all the art and managed the production of over a half million units for San Diego and then over 2 million units for Comic-Cons worldwide.


The Home of
Rock n’ Roll Royalty

Sunset Marquis has epitomized the Hollywood Rock Hotel since 1963, the who’s who in their natural environment. It was a reasonable price point and a world-class bar where rock stars loved to play. We had a cache of cool but after a $26 mil. renovation and the addition of the Villas, Restaurant Cavatina, SPA, Nightbird Recording Studios, and the Morrison Hotel Gallery we had a very different hotel.

Sunset Marquis
NAVIS Ad Magazine


Ad Campaign

NAVIS selected us to help increase sales opportunities for 2018 with some business to business advertising and create their 30th-anniversary logo and creative. Agency689 invoked the term Guest Relationship Management to help define NAVIS solutions. GRM has now become the cornerstone of their future branding.

Rosenthal Estate Wines

Rosenthal Estate Wines

The Malibu Estate

Agency689 created the brand and design for several Rosenthal, G-Series, and Surfrider wine offerings. We built the brand centered around the lifestyle at the Malibu tasting room to evoke that feeling of drinking your favorite wine surfside on one of the world’s most iconic beaches.

KILLER Networking


We found Bigfoot Networks in Fortune Magazine on a list of up and coming technical products, a network interface card for online gaming sounded really cool to us so we gave them a call. A year later we were invited down to Austin, Texas to pitch against 3 local agencies. We knocked their socks off with a creative driven pitch and got to work the very next month.

Winning is Killer
Hotel SAX Lounge

Hotel SAX Chicago

Hospitality at its finest

Agency689 created the brand and design for several Rosenthal, G-Series, and Surfrider wine offerings. We built the brand centered around the lifestyle at the Malibu tasting room to evoke that feeling of drinking your favorite wine surfside on one of the world’s most iconic beaches.

The Residence Club at PGA West

The Residence Club

at PGA West

We created a new logo, shot some fantastic architectural photography, and built an award-winning website that increased conversion by almost 2%.


Have Guitar
Will Travel

Traveler Guitar just needed some help with print advertising, but we really loved their team and their product so we made a few suggestions, and five years later we’ve been through a complete rebrand, changed the way they do business online, and helped them promote a truly outstanding Travel Guitar product line.

Raleigh Studios

Raleigh Studios

That’s Entertainment

A complete rebrand for the world’s largest independent movie studio, along with branding seven new locations.

redtouch media

redtouch media

Entertainment at your finger tips

User Interface Architecture and Design helped propel one of the world’s largest media delivery services.


Sixteen Locations
and Counting

If you live near Bend, Oregon or visit often you probably know about our best boutique hotel, Oxford Hotel Bend. What you may not know if the Oxford Suites brand also has 16 hotels on the West Coast.

Agency689 was selected to rebrand them all for a new look, messaging, and we even created a new top-secret brand for Oxford that will be coming soon, our lips are sealed. In addition to branding the Oxford silos, we also created the Oxford Collection brand to house all the other brands for their corporate presence.

The SkyLodge

The Sky Lodge

Park City Perfection

They needed to sell. The bank had just taken back Sky Lodge and needed to get it into the hands of a hotelier quickly and profitably. We went in and learned the business, worked with their revenue consultants, and built a brand to help sell this amazing property to a great hotel company.

Marine Harbor

Marina Harbor

Apartment Homes
Marina Harbor is a waterside luxury apartment and condominium development with a full service marina in Marina Del Rey, California. They came to us seeking printed sales materials that combined their offerings and put forth a feeling of luxury comparable to their offerings.
Orbital Virtual Studios

Orbital Virtual Studios

Virtually Amazing

Orbital is a new studio in the heart of the Los Angeles TMZ district. Agency689 manages their brand, design, and strategy to introduce a new level of Virtual Studio experience to film industry.

The Yard Hero

The Yard

Logos, Apparel + Website
A Gym logo is more than a sign on the door. It’s a badge of courage for the members and a rallying cry to do the hard things.
LASM - Vintage Trouble



For those about to rock, we put you on stage.