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CCA Landscape

Reimagining the Identity:

From Banning Ranch Conservatory
to Coastal Corridor Alliance

The transformative journey of the Banning Ranch Conservatory, evolving into the Coastal Corridor Alliance, presented us with an exciting challenge: crafting a fresh logo and identity. This evolution wasn’t just in name; it encompassed the incorporation of new land areas and the amalgamation of teams, all aimed at safeguarding the Santa Ana River Corridor wetlands under a unified brand.

Making the Most of the Least Turn

Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of the Least Turn, a bird symbolic of the area’s biodiversity. Our design exploration began with detailed research photography, leading us to admire the bird’s swift, blade-like wings and its striking black and white contrast, highlighted by black tips and an eye mask. This intricate study of the Least Turn informed our design process, culminating in a detailed illustration that was refined into a dynamic and engaging logo.

The Palette of Nature:
Infusing the Logo with Local Colors

The Coastal Corridor Alliance team, with their profound knowledge of the local flora and fauna, provided invaluable insights. A particularly inspiring moment came from a board member’s paintings of the wetlands, capturing the lush landscape from the bluffs to the waterways. This imagery became the backdrop for our logo, with the bird elegantly soaring above this natural tapestry. The logo’s color scheme draws directly from these vibrant, natural hues.

Introducing the CCA Logo:
A Fusion of Style and Function

The culmination of our efforts is the CCA logo, featuring the Hurme Geometric font for its clean and clear aesthetic, perfectly suited for an acronym. Beyond the logo, Agency689 developed a suite of applications, including monochrome versions, embroidery, and social media adaptability. Accompanying this is a comprehensive color palette and usage guidelines, ensuring the brand’s cohesive representation across various platforms. This rebranding is more than a visual transformation; it’s a strategic move to elevate the Coastal Corridor Alliance’s conservation mission and bolster its awareness and fundraising efforts.