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Zeal Case Study Logo
Living better than Well

Wellness Living Communities

The company, soon to be named Zeal, approached us with a captivating idea. They intended to build single-family homes for rent that focused on wellness. After a discussion focusing on what wellness meant to all of us and how that translated into these potential communities, our agency was chosen to name and brand the company.

The company needed a name that intrinsically contained that feeling of a life well lived. The intersection of good nutrition, peak health, and a sense of emotional well-being are all rolled up in a name. ZEAL is defined as enthusiastic dedication, which felt like just the stuff we needed to achieve wellness goals and the goals of our client’s newly formed corporation. Our URL is, something our client brings to every community.

  • Client
    Zeal for Living
  • Project
    Branding, Logo, Collateral, Website
  • Deliverables
    Branding, Strategy, Web Redesign, UX, Site Build
Zeal Pinwheel


Why a Pinwheel?

The logo came about first with a font choice that was readable, professional, and modern while still welcoming. The Teal color evokes the calmness and serenity of blue but with an almost electric energy behind it.

Our choice of the pinwheel harkens back to the Americana era of community openings in the 1950s, with the color adding a modern twist. The idea of nature creating visible energy through an unseen force in the wind ties into our unseen force of Zeal, yielding tangible results. Teal pinwheels are great for community openings and growing recognition of the Zeal brand.

Our executions for Zeal followed two main paths. First, to present the ZEAL concept to cities, municipalities, land owners, and developers. The other path was branding Zeal to the consumer.

Serena Logo


While each community has unique branding, the parent brand Zeal must underlie each touchpoint to the consumer.

ZEAL has broken ground on its first community in Sherman, Texas, Serena, a community named and branded by Agency689. There are several more in the works and coming soon.